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First Aid & Life Support Courses for Medical Professionals in Diamond Bar, CA


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The ACLS Course is designed for healthcare professionals who either direct or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies. This includes personnel in emergency response training in Diamond Bar, emergency medicine, intensive care, and critical care units such as physicians, nurses, and paramedics, as well as others who need an ACLS course completion card for job or other requirements. 

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This course is for Healthcare Professionals who need to know how to perform CPR, as well as other lifesaving skills, in a wide variety of in-hospital and out-of-hospital settings. This course is often required by many hospitals or schools related to the medical field. Individuals that are in nursing, dentistry, medicine, pharmacology, EMT, and any other profession as a Healthcare Provider will very likely be required to be certified in BLS before or during school sessions. Always Safe & Healthy's onsite healthcare training in Southern Californiais available to meet these needs. 

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Child and Adult Hands for Pediatric Life Support Training in Southern California


PALS Course is for healthcare providers who either direct or participate in the management of respiratory and/or cardiovascular emergencies and cardiopulmonary arrest in pediatric patients. This includes personnel in emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care, and critical care units such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, and others who need a PALS course completion card for job or other requirements. Our emergency medical training in Diamond Bar, CA, ensures that professionals are well-prepared for these critical situations. 

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The AHA’s Heartsaver CPR AED course is designed to highest quality training in the lifesaving skills of first aid and/or CPR and use of an AED in the event of an emergency at work, home, or in the community.

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The AHA’s Heartsaver courses are designed for anyone with little or no medical training who needs first aid and/or CPR training and a course completion card for job, regulatory (e.g., OSHA), or other regulatory or licensing requirements. Heartsaver courses can also be taken by anyone who wants to be prepared to act in an emergency.

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Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED is intended for those involved in childcare who have a duty to respond to illnesses and injuries in a child or infant in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. This audience includes child care workers, teachers, foster care workers, camp counselors, youth organizations, and coaches for children’s sports organizations. This course is also ideal for parents, grandparents, babysitters, and guardians.

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Our staff of healthcare providers has worked in the emergency rooms of California hospitals and has dedicated much time to instructing members of volunteer ambulance associations and other professional organizations. We have already transformed hundreds of workplace environments and certified more than 100,000 students. Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations with state-of-the-art emergency response training in Diamond Bar, workplace consulting services, life-saving equipment and affordable educational resources. 

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Our distinctive approach to training maximizes the learning potential for both adult and adolescent learners. We structure our student’s classroom time to obtain a level of understanding and proficiency needed for certification.

AHA-Certified Emergency Response Training for Basic Life Support, CPR, AED & More in DIAMOND BAR & SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • I went to get my BLS recertification and ACLs and have the best experience! The instructor was amazing! I was nervous to take my ACLs class because I did not want to feel dumb but the instructor really broke down things to make it easy to understand! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone without a doubt!

    Jocelyn M.

  • Instructor Kevin was great. Facilities were great. Price was reasonable. Got my ACLS card and will be back again next time.

    Frank O

    Duarte, CA
  • If I can rate them more than 5 star, I will. I remember It’s been years ago when I was looking for my last minute recertification and came across Always Safe & Healthy. My hubby (who later joined me ) and I are always “ a last minute students.” Fortunately, they always have classes that fits into our schedule. Kevin knows his “stuff” down. He simplifies and pinpoints what we truly need to know, and he makes it fun and easy to understand. He will guide you to think critically without making you feel “ehh.” Since then, I never attended any other certification/recertification class anywhere else. Soon, my daughter will join us taking classes with the them. Thank you.. Always Safe and Healthy Team.


  • This BLS course is very informative and this will be my second time taking and renewing my CNA BLS card, with Kevin Thompson.Even though we were online he made it fun and it seemed like we were right in person!I feel confident as a healthcare provider that i can continue to help others.

    Mandy Clark

  • Very knowledgeable instruction that make the courses easy to understand and make you confident to be able to perform what was taught throughout the course outside of a classroom setting. When I had questions regarding the course the staff got back to be VERY quickly and answered my questions clearly. I will continue to take my courses through this association. Both Kristine Teodoro, Maribeth Cuesta helped answered my questions and did it in a kind and professional matter.  I hope when renewal comes around I get Kevin Thompson again as my instructor again, he was very knowledgeable, professional and taught clearly , making it easy to understand and elaborated if we had questions.  As an instructor he made sure we became knowledgeable and comfortable with applying the course outside of this class. Thank you everyone for exceeding my expectations!


  • Kevin was the absolute best teacher I've had in all my years of school. I came to just get my ACLS renewal but ended up paying the extra money to get my BLS Renewed 2 Months early just because he was that good. How he teaches, you can see that he is so passionate about the topic and very knowledgeable. He also gives you real life examples and it allows you to remember the material better. I can't rave enough about this class. If I had him for a teacher for graduate school, I might actually go back, because he's that good! Thanks Kevin for making a 6 hour class fly by. You are the best of the best and everyone should learn from you! :)

    Kathy P.